Natural rubber non slip Yoga mat with carrying strap psychedelic design


Manufacturer: SolipsLab
Material: Rubber / Microfiber
Thickness (mm): 6
Length (cm): 180
Width (cm): 62
Weight: 2400 g
Unique Solips design: a combination of the softest microfiber with a sticky and durable rubber base.
Yoga mat was created to become your companion in the world of yoga and travel.
During the workout, you will no longer slip through wet hands and feet. The clutch only gets better than humidity.
Very well suited for all intensive yoga and fitness activities. For example, Bikram (Bikram yoga) or hot yoga (hot yoga), Pilates, CrossFit.
There is no need to carry a towel that slides on the mat during active practice.
You can cover it with a studio rug (for personal hygiene purposes) or use it as an independent yoga mat.

Carrying strap, yoga mat

Double-sided rug:
The upper side is microfiber, good to use when you have wet palms.
Recommendation: If you have dry skin on your hands and feet, then sprinkle a mat under your palms and feet with water.
The downside is natural rubber: good to use when good surface adhesion is required.

– does not contain toxic substances
– environmentally friendly and reusable
– 100% natural rubber
– water-based dye
– does not contain silicone
– does not contain toxic glue and phthalates.

It can be washed in a washing machine without detergents, on a soft cycle in cold water.
To speed up drying:
Spread a damp mat, lay a dry towel on top, twist and squeeze out excess water.



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