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About Us

About Us



“It’s magic” – this is often the reaction of people to our works. And maybe that’s true.

Creative workshop “Solips” was founded in Lviv, Ukraine in 2018. Our passion for sacred geometry and the desire to make the world around us even more beautiful by creating a unique 3D wood decor became the basis for creativity and experiments.

It all started with a small “seed” – stands for incense, which we cut with the help of a laser and painted by hand. Then came the first mandalas, inspired by the power of fractals, full of play of light and shadows.

Then we decided to add even more glow, colors and contrasts – and made lamps. When they wanted to move and dance, we taught them to spin!

And so that everything and everyone around danced, we started making decor for parties, concerts and stages for festivals. We made a giant kaleidoscope of sacred geometry shapes, brought giant dragons to life, awakened an ancient goddess… It’s hard to believe that all of this is also handmade.

In search of depth and attempts to reflect the infinity of the Universe, we supplemented the fractal plexus of mandalas with mirrors. They not only decorate the interior, but also during meditation help to see much more than one’s own reflection.

Every day we dream, wonder and create miracles. We fulfill your orders and invent something new.

…Even in the days of war, missile attacks and blackouts. Because the dark times will end, the enemies will die, and we will definitely dance.

* We have been working since 2018
* Unique designs, handmade
* Forms of sacred geometry
* Interior woodwork, wall art
* Stages and props for parties and festivals
* Open to cooperation with event organizers, design offices, yoga studios, boutiques and online stores


is a creative laboratory from Ukraine that produces unique design, decorative and interior 3D art. We have been implementing incredibly  fantastic ideas, experimenting with wood and laser since 2016.

SolipsLab art is based on the power of fractals, the play of light and shadow. And thanks to the multi-layered symmetry of the patterns, the magic of the 3D effect is created which conveys the depth and volume of our art.

We speak the language of sacred geometry, interpreting mandalas in the decorative arts. The mandala is a model of the universe that conveys its complex structure, multidimensionality, harmony and ideal proportions. It is a symbol of human perfection, a tool for meditation and self-knowledge.

We structure and meditate

Just contemplating the symmetrical beauty of mandala patterns creates a therapeutic effect, and helps us to focus and concentrate.The geometric structure of our art conveys this natural harmony, which is best revealed during meditation and yoga.

Our mandala lamps and LED mirrors create additional accents in the room. They add dynamism, improve mood and can be the main element of architectural lighting in the interior.

We build and dance

In 2019, the Solips team debuted with their first stage design project at the Kaleidoscopie Festival. Over the last two years, we have created many
main scenes, and we have something to be proud of.

We experiment and embody

Our fractal art really has transformative properties, and structures space and emotions for wonderful journeys in the world of self-knowledge. We are waiting for new experiments, mischievous ideas and the implementation of incredible plans.Join us! Cool when we travel together!

With love, the SolipsLab team ☀️