Welcome to Solips

War. It has always been somewhere. In a book, in a movie, in a museum, on television, in another country… Now it is in our country.
Dozens of countries have come together to help Ukraine, because in today’s world there is no place for wars of aggression.
Our soldiers are defending our territory and civilians.
Volunteers give a lot of their energy and kindness to the disadvantaged citizens of Ukraine.
Our task is to continue our cause. To live. To create. To believe in a better future.
We are still working thanks to the AFU, who are fighting on the front lines and keeping our city safe.
We are grateful to all our customers for supporting us and believing in us.
If you doubt that ordering from Ukraine is no longer reliable, please be assured that your purchase will definitely come to you. Our production works, our shop works, the shipping works.
We believe in Ukraine and we believe in Victory! Please believe with us! It is very important for us.
Every purchase you make is a support for Ukraine, your contribution to our freedom and victory. A chance to be what we are – a creative, independent, unique, joyful, vibrant nation.

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