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Way back in 2018.
We started (can you imagine!) with 6.8cm incense holders.
But nothing stands still. The first mandalas appeared. And it was the Golden Flower.
At its center is the seed of life, from which a beautiful flower grows, and the background is a perfect lattice, a symbolic representation of the Sahasrara.
We experimented with different geometric forms,
We took it to festivals so that many people could see it,
and collected feedback, opinions, and requests. And we often heard: They should glow!
So we lit them up. And we were amazed at how wonderful they were.
And so they shone: Navi, Gaia, Vidya, Vega….
And then they spun: Pulsar, Whisper of the Universe, Fibonacci.
Growing to the size of the scenes.
And many of our customers have decorated their interiors with Solips wall decor. Our products are on the walls of homes and offices, restaurants, and yoga studios. They have become a feature at your parties and in your living rooms. In your bedroom and at work. They are bought for themselves and as treasured gifts for loved ones. And that’s what makes us proud of our work. Because our main goal is to make as many people as possible happy by purchasing our mandalas and lights from Solips. We want to share the beauty and great power of Sacred Geometry. To fill our world with art and high-energy vibrations.
Creating a new design in the program always takes hours. And it is only finished when every detail of the pattern falls into place.
Our artist is very demanding of himself. And none of his work goes to the viewer until he says: yes, it is perfect.
Patterns, designs, shapes, and colors change. but what remains constant is our devotion, love, and admiration for the perfection of Sacred Geometry.

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