Wall Art Sacred Geometry Led Lamp “Tree of life”, with Remote Control.

Wall Art Sacred Geometry Led Lamp “Tree of life”, with Remote Control.

Wall Art Sacred Geometry Led Lamp “Tree of life”, with Remote Control.


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The Tree of Life is one of mankind’s most powerful talismans.
As long as it lives, the tree grows endlessly upwards into the sky, sideways and downwards. It covers three worlds – heavenly, earthly and subterranean.
It is a symbol of development, strength, protection, fertility and connection.
Hang it on the wall in a prominent place where the family gathers. Imagine the Tree of Life with its strong roots, branches and powerful trunk. It can be a mentor for strong relationships and personal growth.
Or place it at the entrance to your home. It will be a strong protector of your home and family. The Yggdrasil is the symbol of a family tree.
We have made our tree in the colors gold and copper with the addition of the color turquoise. The mirrored surface inside the lamp reflects the sunlight brightly during the day, making it look like a real treasure!
And when the evening comes, switch on the backlight and it becomes the main decorative element in the room. You can choose a monochrome light or a color-changing mode, and adjust the brightness and speed of the color change.
Available sizes:
• Diametеr 50 сm/19,7 inches,
• Diametеr 60 сm/23,6 inches,
• Diametеr 70 сm/27,6 inches,
• Diametеr 80 сm/31,5 inches
• Diametеr 90 сm/35,4 inches

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Perfect to decorate your space or just for home decor.

With remote (included) you can change:
– colors of the light
– brightness
– speed of changing colors
– 19 preprogrammed modes
– the LED controller remembers the last setting

Lamp made of a wooden frame with laser-cut MDF layers. Painted and covered with acrylic varnish.
On the backside, there is a wall mount for hanging on a common screw or nail.

All the lamps are equipped with a universal power supply for a 110/220V power line.


50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm


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