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Psychedelic Rave Congress
10.12.21 | Kyiv, Ukraine | Collider

Our own happiness ☀️
An emotional weekend with the legendary X-DREAM! The Ukrainian festival Kaleidoscopie (promo Psy Quest) gathered on December 10 in the center of the capital Psychedelic Rave Congress with musical performances by X-DREAM,The Delta, Alex Tolstey. With support from ZAVOLOKA and S.A.TWEEMAN

It was a real immersion in the reflection of rave culture! Thank you all for this amazing vibes, guys! Fantastic transformations of the former industrial complex into a portal for travel did:

Stage deco: Solips
Backdrop: Trootootoo
Visuals: ONTA
Lights: Laser Light
Photo: Max Ambio
Organizer: Kaleidoscopie Festival

We are the first we are the last 🚀

X-DREAM The Delta / Alex Tolstey
X-DREAM ? The Delta




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