Floor lamp Vertical Luminous, with Smart led, remote control.

Floor lamp Vertical Luminous, with Smart led, remote control.

Floor lamp Vertical Luminous, with Smart led, remote control.


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Floor lamp Vertical Luminous, with Smart led, remote control

Laconic, graceful, stylish, clear, harmonious.
This is an interior object that will add style, modernity, a design accent, and, of course, an impressive colored light to your room. Made of laser-cut MDF. The design is completely unique as it is entirely designed by the Solips artist. As always, we use different geometric shapes. We combine them in the most attractive way and complement them with the shimmering colors of high-level LED lighting. The result is amazing!

This lamp comes in two sizes:
65 cm/ 25.59 inches (looks good on a table or bedside table), stand size 17*17 cm
121 cm/ 47.64 inches (ideal for placing directly on the floor), stand size 21*21 cm

Smart led is installed in the lamp. This gives 256 static and dynamic modes!
You can change the colors of the light, the brightness, and the speed of the color change. A small remote control in your hand creates many variations of colorful dancing lights. 16 light colors, the LED controller remembers the last setting.

Please also note that you can choose from 4 different patterns, link to the rest of the designs:

This floor LED light can be used for home decoration. In the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, study, art studio, relaxation, and meditation room. Also good to decorate the interior of a recording studio, cabinet, office, conference hall, reception, bar, restaurant, cafe, hotel, beauty salon, barber shop etc.

All lamps include:
Universal transformer for 110/220V mains with standard plug.
When you order from our shop you always get
-The unique design of Solips,
-Products painted with the highest quality Italian paints,
-All materials are certified and approved for indoor use,
-Discount flyer for your next purchase in our store,
-Reliable packaging so that your purchase arrives neat and tidy,
-And of course a caring attitude toward every customer

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121 cm/ 47.64 inches, 65 cm/ 25.59 inches


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