Сandleholder Mercaba. Spiritual Art Gift.

Сandleholder Mercaba. Spiritual Art Gift.

Сandleholder Mercaba. Spiritual Art Gift.



The full power of sacred geometry is concentrated in the Merkaba ( Metatron ). This symbol has a powerful potential to balance and purify the body and space. Just by being in the home, it works an energetic miracle – harmonizing, structuring, and filling everything around it with the right vibrations.
We have made a Mercaba candleholder so that the element of fire will help us in this process. The six points of flame at the ends and the main element in the center will create a miraculous magic effect…
The Merkaba candle holder is suitable for meditations, ceremonies, rituals, altars, or if you intuitively feel the need for such a thing… you know what to do with it.
Size: 27 cm
All our pieces are made in our workshop to the design of the artist Solips. They are made of plywood and MDF, painted with Italian paints and varnishes. Each circle at the end of our mercaba has its own distinctive pattern of geometric shapes. The central circle has a hole for placing an incense stick. This can be used as a stand for candles, crystals or other sacred objects.

The candles in the photo are not included.




30 cm, 40 cm


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