Mandala “Lotus”

Mandala “Lotus”

Mandala “Lotus”


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Wall Art Sacred Geometry Mandala “Lotus”

Made of wood/fiberboard + laser cutting, painted and covered with varnish.

Round Floral Wooden Mandala Sacred Geometry Meditation Wall Art Decoration for home, studio Wall Hanging


The lotus is the sacred flower of many religions. It is the attribute of sun and fire gods, symbolizes the realization of inner potential. In Tantric and Yogic traditions the lotus symbolizes the potential of an individual to harness the flow of energy moving through the chakras flowering as the thousand-petaled lotus of enlightenment at the top of the skull. You can try to count how many petals our Lotus has. Contemplating this beauty will give you energy and inspiration.

This wooden mandala will be a wonderful decoration for any room in your home: living room, dining room, bedroom, study, art studio, relaxation and meditation room, chill space, yoga or martial arts studio . It can be hung on the wall or placed on furniture.



  • Material: wood. Wooden frame and laser-cut MDF layers
  • Thicknesses of layers: 3/8 mm
  • Handmade & Laser cutted
  • Hand painted
  • Covered with acrylic varnish and high-quality Italian paints
  • All materials are certified and approved for interior use
  • Wall mount on the backside for hanging on a common screw or nail.
  • Packed with 100% recycled material



Available sizes

  • Diametеr 60 сm/23,6 inches
  • Diametеr 70 сm/27,6 inches
  • Diametеr 80 сm/31,5 inches
  • Diametеr 80 сm/35,4 inches

Other sizes or colors are available upon request. Please contact us for details
We can paint it in any color. Ready to ship in 3-5 business days.

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