Wall art decor Black Star / Naos

Wall art decor Black Star / Naos

Wall art decor Black Star / Naos



We named this set from the Black Star series after the hot blue supergiant NAOS. The name of the star comes from the Greek ναός and means “temple”. The composition has the outlines of a pyramid – a stable base and upwards growth, and the triangle by itself is a symbol of Fire, cleansing and giving energy.
Naos is a sacred triquestrum with the heart pulsating in the center.

The original Black Star designer panel creates an illusion volume thanks to perspective refraction. The chief designer of Solips was inspired by modern Op-art, a style that uses optical illusions and neoconstructivism.

Laser-cut details will become a spectacular accent in the bedroom, kitchen, guest room, or meditation space. This panel can be used to decorate the interior of a recording studio, cabinet, office, conference hall, reception, bar, restaurant, cafe, hotel, shop. This dismountable creation is suitable for decorating a stage, yoga hall or a studio. Modules are dismountable and suitable for occasional event decoration needs. When assembled, the composition has a size 207*200 cm ( 81,5*78,7 inches).

Wooden parts can be used for walls, ceilings, niches, columns, and staircases.

Elements of sacred geometry, which are easy to assemble into various compositions, can also be used to decorate furniture facades, doors or windows.


Black Star wall decorative panel by Solips is all of the below:

  • Unique author’s design
  • Astonishing optical illusion that fulfills your interior
  • Clarity and elegance of lines ensured by precise laser cutting
  • Different types of elements that you can combine as you like or use a pre-set
  • Spectacular black color applied with a sprayer. Upon request, you can choose other colors, and choose a glossy or matte finish
  • Covered with a water-based acrylic paint; non-toxic, odorless, resistant to abrasion.
  • Can be attached to the wall or other surface with double-sided tape or quick-drying construction glue
  • Easy to assemble DIY;  Does not require professional help to mount.


Naos set includes: 9 hexagons (40*46cm 15,74 *18,11 іnch)
6 triangles (40*46сm 15,74 *18,11 іnch)
12 rhombuses (23*40cm 9,06*15,74 inch)

Thickness 3 mm, Double-sided tape.



  • Order one of our pre-sets or create your custom one
  • It is possible to purchase one part or several. You can even fill an entire wall with a decorative coating. Let us know your needs, and our manager will help to calculate the required number of items.
  • Each part can be created in the custom size upon your request
  • you can choose other colors
  • Wooden panels are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, pipidaster or a soft cloth.
  • Intended for interior use. Additional treatment is required for outdoor use (available upon request)



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