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Mandala symbolizes the sphere of residence of deities. This is a geometric symbol of a complex structure with elements equidistant from the central point. The mandala is interpreted as a model of the universe, a “map of the cosmos.”

According to the principle of mandalas, Hindu temples and Vedic altars were built, in Buddhism they were used for initiation into monks. Carl Gustav Jung identified the mandala as an archetypal symbol of human perfection; nowadays it is used in psychotherapy as a means of achieving complete understanding of one’s own self.

A mandala can become not only a bright accent of your interior, but also an object for reflection and meditation, which will bring beauty and harmony to your life.

The symbol embedded in the mandala activates internal energies and subtle structures, and shifts attention from the outer world to the inner space. Colors, light and shadows, interlacing patterns reveal direct and indirect connections with your subconscious.

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