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Our Art

Our Art

  1. Take a few deep breaths and exhales. Imagine that you are exhaling the tension that has accumulated. Alternately tense, then relax all the muscles of the body, from the forehead to the toes – as if a wave of tension-relaxation sweeps through the entire body. Massage your hands, shake your hands slightly, go from the thumb to the little finger of both hands. You can place your hands as if you are holding a sphere that glows and pulsates. Breathe evenly, in a natural rhythm.2. Form an inner intention – to relax or find a solution to the problem, understand the reasons, etc. By penetrating your subconscious mind, intention relieves tension and removes blocks.3. Unfocus your gaze. Feel the reality of the image – color, shape, structure, establish a connection with it and fix yourself in this position. At this stage, various visual effects will appear, as well as the physical sensation of movement.

    4. Look only at the center of the mandala. Concentration is closely related to the process of cleansing the mind and body. It will bring you back to the center of your Self, your own source of peace and balance. The process of concentration is a gradual detachment from all anxieties and preoccupations. Stop the endless vortex of thoughts. Your task is to reach a state when you do not think about anything, but simply sit and contemplate the movement-pulsation of the mandala, initially for 5 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time of meditation.

    5. At the end of the practice, make several circular movements with the eyes, as if absorbing the energy of the shining spheres and dissolving it in the body.

    6. After looking at the mandala for a few minutes, you can close your eyes. Try to see the mandala with your inner vision and look around until it starts to disappear. During visualization, you need to relax as much as possible and allow the image to enter your consciousness and develop in it. Don’t make any effort, it will appear naturally and spontaneously.

    7. At the end of the practice, repeat your intention formula again. Now this impulse of consciousness penetrates into the subconscious and causes you to change your position, behavior, see a fresh decision, and therefore, create your own destiny.

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